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MAX Dojo Articles

These articles were written for our students but anyone is welcome to read it...Our school has no agenda, philosophy or political positions to promote. We are not salespeople.We do not believe that our way is the only way. It is simply the way that works for us and for the people we teach.If these articles or any of our words are not to your liking, that is ok. It was not written for you.

It is easy to imagine that your teacher/sensei/sifu/master/guru is all-knowing. Well, they are not. An instructor is as human as the next person and just as fallible. This is one of the reasons why these articles are not offering you any advice. That's right. We are not telling you what to do, what to think, or how to act. Or who to be. You must find those things out all by yourself...

If you're interested, please click on the article links below...

September 2010

  • Are you a Coward? by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "In the course of development as martial artists, we will pass through many stages of growth. Our lives in general are very similar to our maturing in martial arts. We all go through many changes in our martial arts development between novice and instructor levels."
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  • Fear by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "Fear and stress are natural responses to danger. They are the bodyís survival response. But, if you donít understand these responses, learn what to expect and how to deal with them, these same responses can take you by surprise and paralyze action."
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May 2010

  • Have People lost their way in Martial Arts? by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "I was emailed a question a few days ago from a person who really likes my articles I guess. Anyhow, this question really struck something inside of me and got me thinking (oh no, right?) Anyhow, here's the question that this person emailed me, and this article is a copy of my response to that person. NOTE: this might offend some people."
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  • Maurice A. Gomez Sr. 1st Degree Black Belt Thesis
    submitted to: Mr. Kongaika on Oct 1st, 2008
    Each student is required to submit a black belt thesis paper before they are ready to be tested for their 1st degree black belt or any other degree black depending if your instructor requires it. The thesis could be about any topic you choose but needs to be martial arts related obviously. The thesis is an an effort to promote critical thinking by advanced students. Expectations vary from student to student as educational background, life and martial arts experience dictate. The thesis is important because it makes you look inside your head and spirit, and demonstrates to your instructor what you have learned in the esoteric sense vs. the physical. I believe that wearing a Kenpo black belt means more than the ability to do all of the forms and techniques from memory- any student can learn to do that. It is symbolic of a level of cultivation of mind, spirit, and body. If you lack the mental element, you should not be awarded the belt. I hope you enjoy it guys/gals.
    Download PDF file


  • Why children should learn martial arts by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "I strongly believe that everyone can benefit from martial arts training. Whether it is for the purpose of enhancing one's ability to defend oneself, improving health and fitness or sharpening mental discipline and prowess. "
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Jan 2010

  • Black Belt: What is it and what does it represent? by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "We cannot fault non-martial artists for holding such an idealistic, albeit erroneous, perception of a what a black belt is. We, as martial artists, are partly to blame for their misunderstanding because we ourselves do not hold a uniform, singular or consistent view of the rank. A part of me (the idealistic side) wishes we had an accepted and objective standard for the coveted belt"
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Nov 2009

  • Advice On Surviving An Edged Weapon Attack by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "Many, not ALL instructors who teach knife self-defenses to students sometimes donít understand how knife attacks really occur. A common mistake, for example, is to emphasize (or practice mostly) stick work, erroneously believing that developing stick skills will automatically transfer to unarmed defense against the knife"
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August 2009

June 2009

April 2009

  • My Student, My Teacher by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "Just as in life, you never know where your next lesson will come from. So in both life and Martial Arts, remember your student can also be teaching you important lessons. I'd like to say that all Martial Artists are wonderful people, who have embraced concepts that bring harmony to their lives...but I'd be lying"
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March 2009

  • American Kenpo, a Neophyteís Look by Marc Charles
    "My most recent martial arts instructor, Mr. William Kongaika, asked me to compare some of the other martial arts Iíve studied with American Kenpo.  While Iím flattered to be asked, I feel like one of the five blind Chinese asked to describe the elephant.  Their description largely depends on which part of the elephant they were touching.  I am a neophyte in American Kenpo with about seven or eight monthís instruction.  I am in no way qualified to pass judgment on Mr. Ed Parkerís style."
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  • Jealousy and Martial Arts by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "Have you ever been in class and become upset because you arent progressing or getting it as quickly as the person next to you? Have you ever found yourself annoyed because someone else becomes a higher rank before you? Have you ever found yourself hating another student because they can afford to spend more time or money in their training?"
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  • Discover your True Self by Maurice A. Gomez Sr. (non martial arts related)
    "Just think of this: how well do you know your true self? And what is it exactly that you know? How many personal facts or character features do you know? What do you think of your true self? Is this the ultimate pride youíre feeling, or maybe shame or even fear? Your self-growth and the success of personal development efforts are entirely dependent on how well you know yourself and how you feel about your personality.."
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February 2009

  • A Lesson on Filipino Crab Mentality  by Lesley
    "Below is a story I read on the blog of Kurma Dasa: I find that the tale, tall or true as it may be, is one of the best justifications for the Filipino to shed its innate crab mentality all but ingrained into its fiber. Though many feel that this trait is nothing more than that, one that is not harmful or destructive. I beg to disagree, as you will see how much this story below reflects crab mentality in its truest and most common form."
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  • The Importance of being Humble by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "One of the core tenets of the martial arts is humility, but unfortunately some practitioners don't seem to embrace these values and instead insist on being aggressive, arrogant and boastful. If you know someone like this you might want to show them this short story about a wise Zen Master that is told in 'The Warrior Within' by John Little."
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  • The Real Sixth Sense by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "The sense of balance is one most of us take for granted, yet in the traditions of every martial arts discipline, mastery of balance played a primary role in developing fighting skills. One reason is that in battle the greatest strategic advantage lies in mobility. For the martial artist, mobility requires both strong legs and excellent balance. "
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  • Types of Destructive Energy Used in Martial Arts by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "If there is one word that can sum up what martial arts teach, that is power. The creation and use of power or energy (Chi in Chinese or Ki in Japan) is the primary focus of many martial arts. Breathing techniques, weight training, conditioning exercises, drills, forms, nutrition, and meditation all are ways of generating and directing energy. All masters know that there are two forms of this energy, the ying and the yang, the creative and the destructive."
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January 2009

  • Learn to Fight and Rise Above Your Fear by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "Fear has its undeniable dynamics in all forms of street combat, with no exception, but you can rise above the "fear factor" by adding a considerable mental feature to your efforts of learning street fighting. Critical situation on the street are possible at any moment - it is a good point to start with for your preparation for facing the additional fear aspect. Do you feel like you are the type of man or woman who simply freezes when a street fighting situation occurs?.
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  • Which Self-Defense Keeps You Safe? by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "There are a lot of different self-defense classes offered. Every martial arts school, every fitness club and even some personal trainers offer self-defense classes. How are you supposed to know what is top and what is flop?".
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December 2008

  • Something Enlightening for Martial Artists by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "Every martial arts instructors goal is to develop black belt students. My dream is that each of my students will one day earn this honor. Unfortunately, the reality is that not everyone will succeed. While there may be numerous reasons why an individual deviates from his/her path to reach Black Belt, most of them are direct opponents (or enemies) of student commitment". READ MORE...........


  • Making your Goals Stick by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "The amazing thing about the future is that if you wait, it will always come to you. This is exactly what has happened, and we are now enjoying a new year. No doubt you sat down and created your share of New Year's resolutions to conquer during the coming months" READ MORE........

  • Being Tender With the Ugly Parts of Yourself by Maurice A. Gomez Sr. (Non Martial Arts related)
    "Does that title make you cringe? It made me cringe when it popped into my head a few days ago.We don't like to think about our "ugly parts," do we? By ugly parts of course I mean those aspects of ourselves we perceive to be less than perfect. For some it might be physical flaws like acne, jiggly thighs or a persistent pot belly no matter how many hours we spend in the gym. For others there may be emotional issues like fears, phobias or low self-esteem."
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Nov 2008

  • 3 Phases of learning by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "When a student is first learning Kenpo or any martial art they learn the basic movements such as stances, blocks, kicks, and strikes. This gives them the foundation they need to be efficient in martial arts, especially American Kenpo. Now, in the beginning stages, it is important to learn self-defense techniques, sets, and forms step-by-step rather than the non-ideal phase otherwise it'll be too much for them to grasp and their body and mind will not know how to respond, at least effectivly." READ MORE..............

October 2008

  • How Kenpo is used by Maurice A. Gomez Sr.
    "In this blog... I'm actually writing out of frustration at the criticism American Kenpo (and its derivatives) attracts from people who don't understand it! I get alot of comments from people saying "how would you defend yourself against a UFC fighter, or that' won't work against a grappler!" The general criticism is that the self defense techniques that we practice "wouldn't work". READ MORE..............



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